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For getting ahead in the workplace, English proficiency matters! Do you have the skill or you need a polish?
With reasonable business English certificate fees, you can get the most from us. From speaking English to having the confidence to speak in front of the group. Business English learning from us will be fun, interactive, giving real life and practical experience. It will not only enhance your confidence but give you a platform to learn from your mistakes.

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In today’s business world, it is very important to outperform and look better than other candidates. This can be attained if you have a strong communication skill in English, which is used in everyday business activity. We offer a great Business English course and conduct exams that will test your English skills. Our business English institute Rohtak allows you to polish your skills, speak in confidence, and have real-life experience. We tend to emphasize more practical knowledge and create a real-life environment that gives you better exposure to English speaking. 

Business English Certificate fee will be affordable and very economical for you. We conduct business English learning courses to improve your English language skill, adding great vocabulary, reading skills along with the ability to understand tone and communication methods. We will unravel how the language can make a difference in your business communication adding to your personality and giving your image a boost in professional life.

Our course will boost your communication skills so you can easily win customers, business, grow your business and meet any challenges.


Listening English Videos

40 hours


Reading English Videos

120 hours


Writing English Videos

160 hours


Speaking English Videos

160 hours


Grammar English Videos

160 hours


Vocabulary English Videos

160 hours

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We offer other courses along with business English classes in Rohtak. Explore our courses and see if it matches needs.


8 week program

Get qualified with top-rated and most renowned IETLS exams accepted worldwide. We provide you in-depth learning!

Spoken English

8 week program

Non-native English speakers must work strongly on their skill, tone to create an impressive image our training will help you refine you.

English for Everyone

6 week program

Learning English has become a need of an hour! Get yourself certified with our business English institute Rohtak.
Business English will be of great help in professional life, with good work opportunities and promotions.